Monday, March 23, 2015

Disney Cruise Day 1

Hey everyone I know this is a stitching blog but I wanted to blog about my vacation so if you're only here for the stitching feel free to skip :)  I'll put in the title when it's stitching related.

Day 1:
Embarkation day!

Our cruise left out of Miami which is a 3 hour drive.  We both had to work the night before and we share a car so we decided to leave early and I would drop him off at the rental place before work and he would get the car to work.  Then after he got off he would load the bags and we'd leave as soon as I got home.  It went well and after stopping for dinner we got to the hotel around 11 pm.  The next morning we checked out and got some Starbucks then took a cab to the port where we saw our beautiful ship up close.

We could see the ship from our hotel room but this was better.  We sailed on the disney wonder which is the second ship they built.  The first one they built recently had a major overhaul so technically this was the oldest ship.  What we didn't know is our room was renovated right before we got on which was awesome.  The beds are sooooo comfy.
Anyway after checking in we got our key to the world cards which work as a credit card and room key all in one.  

We sailed before so we were silver castaway club members and got lanyards.  We were not supposed to board until 2 but since we got there at 11:30 we were able to get on the ship about an hour later.  We only had our day bags so we headed to parrot cay to get lunch.

It's a buffet which was delicious.  After lunch we headed to the spa to enter the raffle.  Unfortunately we didn't win :(. But it's very popular and the only give out 4 prizes.  I like the spa on the new ships better but I like the size of the small ships.sunce we didn't win we decided to book some massages.  They usually have an embarkation special so if o booked it before 8 the next morning I could get an extra 25 minutes free.  So I decided 8 am the next day would be a good time.  My DMIL went with me and DH decided to get his later that day since the kind he wanted wasn't on special.  After we booked we had to go to our muster drill which was quick and painless.  It lasted about 15 minutes and then it was time for the sail away party!

We were supposed to leave right after the party but it turns out because of the snow in some states we had to wait for like 5 families whose flights got delayed.  We only found this out because someone at the table next to us had family they were waiting for and we overheard her telling somone else.  So what better way to pass the time than with a couple of drinks and a window view?
Before long it was time to head down and get ready for dinner.  Instead of eating in our assigned restaurant we decided to eat at palo which is an Italian upscale place that is an upcharbe.  But the food is delicious and totally worth it.  Plus I got to dress up :)

The last pic is their chocolate soufflé and omg it is divine.  After we were full and happy it was time for bed.  When we got back to the room we had a friend waiting for us.

We had a balcony room so we were able to leave the doors open and listen to the waves while getting ready.  It's the only way I'll travel.  The good news is that my seasickness stayed away the first day with a combination of pressure wristbands, bonine and alcohol.  I don't know why the combo works but it does.  So after seeing this gorgeous scene we called it a night.

Thanks for sticking with me I'll see you on day 2!


  1. Wow beautiful view from your balcony. Great Day 1!

  2. Awesome! I've never been on a cruise, but that sounds nice. Glad you're seasickness had stayed away and hope your combo keeps working.