Monday, March 23, 2015

Disney Cruise Day 4

Ahh day 5.  It was so nice and relaxing.  It was another day at sea and one I could actually enjoy :). We slept in late because of the time change and missed breakfast but that's okay because we could get lunch.  We got some coffee at the cove cafe and sat for a few hours in the cafe mostly reading and doing homework.  After we got bored we headed up to the pool and managed to grab a couple of loungechairs.  I'm not really a pool person so I just lounged.
I did get up a little later to make the long trek to the pool bar (like 10 feet away) and drink it with my toes in the water.  Which in turn washed off my sunscreen and I ended up burning the tops of my feet.  Painful but I've had much worse burns.  This trip I was really diligent with my sunscreen.  I learned my lesson.  Now I'm addicted to spray on sunscreen because I hate the feel of the lotion kind. It's so much faster to apply as well.  After a few more hours DMIL and I headed to the spa again.  I had bought two days worth of passes to the rainforest room. On this ship it's all inside with 4 heated loungers and 3 steam rooms with 4 showers with different rain settings.  Set up as a Tuscan style room with a big tiled mosaic of Dolphins.  They give you a salt scrub of your choice and after you apply it you switch from the steam rooms to the showers for the experience.  My favorite steam room was the second because it was aromatherapy.  My scrub was tangerine and DMIL got lavender.  They also had a chocolate mint.  We liked ours do much we bought some to take home and I just used some tonight :). The experience was okay.  I love the rainforest room on their bigger ships.  The dream has 3 steam rooms and 4 showers as well but the showers are an actual experience.  The showers are scented and gave different light shows and rain settings to give the impressions of thunderstorms or icy mist or whichever you pick.  Each shower has 3-4 different experiences for a total of like 12 different experiences.  Also the dream has one steam room that has a window to look out and the ten heated loungers all look out over the water.  They also have 2 private hot tubs only for rainforest guests that look out over the water. Next time I'm on the dream I'm getting a week pass there.  The passes for both ships are only $16 a day.

After  that we headed down to get ready for dinner.  It was semi formal night and I had bought a new dress. The show was the golden mickeys which is an award show about different movies and the stage hand who has to realize her potential and be a host.  The best part of this show by far is Tarzan who is this really ripped long haired guy in nothing but a loincloth who does some cool spinning stuff on vines.  Be still my aching ummm heart.  Yeah heart.  He was so hot :D

I forgot to mention that DH ran into someone he used to work with on pirate night so we saw him again and said hi.  We had dinner that night in parrot cay which was fine.  I didn't like the appetizer choices so they brought me yet another helping of the truffle pursettes.  I have to mention I loved our waitstaff. Our main server was jojo and our assistant server was shoot I can't remember.  They were both amazing though.  They would keep making puzzles out of crayons for us to solve and do magic tricks.  Very entertaining.  Also helped us to break the ice with our table mates.  
We had a beautiful sunset this night and another friend.

I had never seen a frog done before.  He was cool.
DH worked on his project done more while we enjoyed some wine we brought and some cheese we had delivered.  

Only one day left :(

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