Monday, March 23, 2015

Disney Cruise Day 5

The last day of our cruise was also at my favorite place castaway cay.  It is disneys private island and it's one place we don't have to tender to.
We've always wanted to snorkel here but I'm not a very strong swimmer and not good with snorkeling.  Still I gave it a go.  I didn't make it far though before I had to go back.  I didn't even see any of the good stuff.  DH saw a turtle while he was out there though.  Disney sank some statues and stuff way far out but I only made it halfway.  Maybe next year :)

After snorkeling we headed over to serenity bay which is the adult beach.  Disney is very good with having a lot of areas only for adults. This is my favorite part of the whole island.

There are loungers and enough umbrellas for everyone which is a blessing for people like me who burn easy.  They also have waiters constantly coming by to take drink orders.  If you ever come here you have to order a konk kooler.  So yummy.  And who should stumble on our little slice of paradise?
Yep captain jack sparrow himself.  It's always nice to see him because there aren't swarms of kids to deal with and to me makes it s little more magical. I like when characters can just walk around where they choose and interact with guests.  At disneyworld they must go to their designated spot where there's already a line to meet them and it's just like "hi picture bye" so not fun.
We left our stuff there and grabbed some lunch.  Since it's their island it's included in the cruise cost which is great.  You can also use your room key for charging everything there.  Just my little slice of heaven.  We played in the water a bit and saw fish and starfish and kept some pretty pink and white shells.  Not really sure what I'll use them for but we'll see.  There's a large sand bar that's in the middle of the swimming area so we made it out there and chilled for a bit.
As you can tell I had problems with flying skirts all trip.  At least this time I had on my swimsuit underneath.

We decided to head back about an hour or two before all aboard and use the other day of the rainforest.  We weren't there long. Been we first got there it was completely empty but then got busier as more people came back from the island. Then it was time for dinner.  Our show this night was dreams which is about Peter Pan and the blue fairy teaming up to help a girl discover the magic in herself to learn to fly before 6am.  This was a good show.  A little corny but hey that's disney.  Dinner that night was at tritons which is a french seafood place.  Unfortunately we didn't get their real menu as it was the final night menu instead.  We were supposed to have the real menu the first night when we were at palo.  We got to go right after dinner though for a special surprise.  We had a note in our room when we got back from the island that got us a special meet and greet with the characters from the shows.  Only like 5 families are invited and pretty much everyone was there.  Remember I told you DH met his friend in pirate night?  Yep he got us the invite!

The last one is our benefactor :)

After the meet and greet it was time for the characters to say their last goodbyes :'(

We headed for one of the clubs for an 80s music trivia thing.
These were our hosts (the girl dressed as Madonna was there too).  We had to get in 3 groups and guess the song they played and then had to do a theme dance as a group.  We lost but only because we were judged unfairly.  They would give them multiples of five and us only like an extra 2 when we won.  So unfair lol.  I got some pictures of artwork I would love to stitch.

Artist is Lisa Keene.  Unfortunately I didn't see these charted anywhere.
We made one last little friend that night before going back to the real world.
It's a shy bunny.  We had to pack our bags and put them outside of the door before dinner so the next morning we only had our carry ons to take to breakfast.  We said our goodbyes and left the ship but had one last little surprise.  Turns out the cheapest car to rent for the way back was my dream car.
Yep 2015 mustang convertible.  The only part that sucked was it rained so we didn't put the top down.

It was a great trip and I can't wait to go again.  Hopefully soon.  We're going to denver and la in May so probably not but we'll see :)

Thanks for sticking with me I hope you enjoyed :). Now it's way past my bedtime.  Catch you next time with my SFS report!


  1. Wow! You had a fantabulous time on the cruise!!! I had no idea Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney cruise were existing :)
    Back to reality & your stitching now, have fun x

  2. Wow what a great trip. I think if I ever did a cruise this is the type I would try. Looks like a great time indeed!!

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS pics! Makes me want to do a Disney cruise now!

  4. Oh my Heather - what a wonderful post. I read them all. The pictures were awesome and now I want to go on a Disney cruise.


  5. What an awesome adventure! (Apart from the sickness :( ) It would have been fun meeting Captain Jack... where's all the rum gone ;) I love the frog towel and that art is definitely stitch worthy :)

  6. Wow, what a vacation! I enjoyed all your wonderful pictures! Glad you had a blast;)