Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SFS March

Money earned: $25
Money spent: $0
Carryover for the year: $75

Hello again stitchers you've seen me s lot lately.  This time it's for my stitch from stash report for March hosted by Mel from epicstitching.  I did spend some money on a new stitching frame but it doesn't count.  I usually stitch in hand but this project is so long that it was starting to hurt the hand holding the fabric and I'm not even halfway yet so I decided to try a frame and stitch two handed.  It's going slower but hurts less. I still have to figure out how to hold the frame so my non dominant hand doesn't cramp.  
Here's my set up.  The lamp is attached to the frame.  The scroll rods aren't quite big enough for the fabric but rather than buying new ones I just folded the fabric.  I know I'll have to do some major ironing  but this should be my largest project so I'm okay with that.  The best part?  The whole frame was only $15 and it works well.  It sags a bit in the middle but that's because I folded the fabric in the rods.  I'm only using the paper for the couple of pages I printed for my cruise.  After I stitch through them im going back to reading my pattern on the computer.  

There's a better pic on where I am.  I'm proud of my spending so far!  Question:  if we buy a pattern as a giveaway does it count toward stash?

See you later everyone!


  1. You're making awesome progress!

  2. Great progress and well done on your zero spend :-)

  3. Well done on your budget
    You did a lot better then me :)
    I allso work on a frame and it took me some time to get used to it but could not live with out it now

  4. Great progress! I have only started using frames and Qsnaps in the last few months and like Esmerelda don't know how I managed before!

  5. Been thinking about this since our last's been driving me potty!! Ha ha is it......"Smell The Roses"??? Omg!! Ha ha I am probably wrong but this is fun!! Cannot wait for you to stitch some more! And I truely have not looked at what your stitching either! Like I say this is fun!! Ha ha
    Smiles :)

    1. Megan guessed it in my last post. It's "smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly" but don't worry she's going to have a giveaway on her blog to make up for guessing it before the contest started

  6. Great purchase! I personally don't get on with big stand up frame (drives me insane when you need to work on the back!) but I truly couldn't stitch without a hoop :) Absolutely love this design & read the above comment, glad someone has guessed the sentence :)

  7. It looks fantastic Heather.


  8. Great job on the SFS budget! You have made quite a bit of progress on this piece. Good luck on using your frame.

  9. Amazing job on SFS! I admire your discipline. I have one of those frames, too, but I stopped using it. Love your progress!

  10. Great job! Lovely progress!!