Monday, March 23, 2015

Disney Cruise Day 3

Hello again :) I'm hoping to get all my days posted tonight.  That wasn't my original plan but I'm not really feeling up to stitching right now.  But I'm posting each day separate do that you can read at your leisure :)

So day 3 was interesting.  The time was supposed to change the night before but grand cayman doesn't recognize daylight savings so the ship decided to skip that night and observe it the night after.  We didn't have any set plans or excursion times so we decided to grab some breakfast before heading down to the tenders.  It was a nice day out.  I think it was mid 80s with a nice breeze.  We got off the ship at around 10:30.  We were the last group that had to be taken as a group.  Right after we heard them make the announcement that everybody could just head down to the tenders on their own.  Oh well it was easy.  It was all of our first time in grand cayman so we were kind of lost.  We took a shuttle to the turtle farm and ended up meeting Simone my DH worked at disney with and also found at ready sitting next to me also worked at Seaworld.  I knew she looked familiar.  She works in health services and they come in to guest services a lot to take care of guests.  They got off before us at a private tiki beach.  I think next time we'll do that it looked really nice.  But we were bound to hold turtles which is something we can't do at Seaworld.  Apparently they have a whole theme park attached but we only wanted the turtle part so we got our wristbands and headed in.
Yes I'm wearing a Bahamas shirt in the Caribbean don't judge me ;)

Anyway this totally wasn't worth it in my opinion.  It was literally here's some turtles now hold the babies and done.  They did have free wifi though so we took some time to catch up on our emails/games.  When we left we realized we had no idea when our shuttle would be back or even if they would be so we were stranded.  Taxis only came if you called and there were none in the area and the city bus was very sporadic and Was more like a van.  So we ended up hitching a ride with one of the tours that was going back to the ship.  We did a little shopping while we were there.  DMIL hot done shirts and I got an ornament.  
They had some cute stuff.  We also had some good pics.

That night we had our first official show which was

It was okay.  Toy story isn't one of my favorites. But all of the shows are Broadway style so they have great entertainment value.  We had second seating which means we watch the shows first then go to dinner.  We had about fifteen minutes after the show and decided to spend it outside listening to the water.  Unfortunately it was windy and I was wearing a skirt so I ended up flashing a little boy looking out the window at the deck.  Oops sorry kid.  At least I was wearing something underneath LOL.  
Dinner that night was our first "official" dinner as well.  Each ship has 3 restaurants that you rotate through.  You keep your same table mates and wait staff at all meals.  Thus night was animators palate.  We were in the same restaurant the night before but we had the actual show that night.  The food was great.  My favorite was the truffle pursettes.  I actually had two helpings and didn't finish my entree lol.  Luckily my DH is my human garbage disposal lol.  This restaurant is my favorite because it starts off all black and white but as the meal progresses it gets slowly more colorful until dessert where the walls are totally colored in and the waitstaff comes out on a little parade with sorcerer Mickey and they're all colorful too.

After dinner it was time for bed again.  This time our friend stole a pair of DMIL's sunglasses.

Silly dog!  We also got reminded to change our clocks.  

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