Sunday, June 11, 2017

I Suck!

Hey guys miss me?  I can't believe it's been so long since my last update but I have a lot to share.  I have no excuse for my absence other than getting into flosstube.  I guess I like the platform because I can listen while I stitch and so it's easier to find time.  I've been lurking on your blogs but I haven't commented on them all.  😳

But enough with that, on to progress!  First off I have done some stitching on museum shelf which was here:

Now it's here:

I started this doing extreme cross country but now I'm switching to cross country by page.

I also did some work on the dragon sal:
Other than that I don't have much else to show.  I've started working on Santa in the clods again but don't have much to show.

On the personal front I finished all of my schooling and am officially a teacher!  I don't have a job teaching yet but I'm hoping my current company will need one soon.

Thanks for stopping by I'll see you all next time!


  1. Welcome back and congrats, I hope you will get soon a teaching job. Sunny greetings from New Orleans , Alice

  2. Glad your back Heater. Congrats on becoming a teacher. Great progress on your projects.


  3. Congrats on your new start as a teacher! Fingers crossed a role comes up sooner rather than later! I have neglected blogging lately as well - Flosstube is so much easier to handle especially when there are limited hours in the day and you want to stitch!! :o)

  4. So nice to have you back! Congratulations on becoming a teacher; it must be satisfying to know that all your hard work has paid off. Great progress on your stitching too. :)

  5. Nice to have you back on Blogger!
    Congrats on becoming a teacher. I do hope you find a post soon.
    Great progress on your cross stitch project.

  6. I absolutely LOVE your FlossTube! I need to go back and comment on each, but I can tell you have that "teacher-ness" about you!

  7. Welcome back. I've been wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear good. Congrats on finishing your schooling. Good luck finding the perfect teaching job soon. Great progress on your projects.

  8. Congrats on becoming a teacher! That's great. Flosstube has me in its grasp also. I really like to stitch and listen, and looking up when they show something. Your dragons are looking gorgeous.

  9. Congratulations on qualifying as a teacher! That's fantastic news. Great progress on your stitching too. I will look you up on Floss tube. I like to listen while I stitch.

  10. Well done on finishing your studies and becoming a teacher officially. Hope a job comes your way soon. Love your stitching.

  11. Oh that's hilarious, I think I've been watching your FlossTube and had completely forgotten that it is you. What a fool LOL.
    I watch FT during the afternoons and read blogs in the evenings so I get to do both.
    I can't comment on FT because I refuse to get a GooglePlus account and mess up my Blogger profile.
    Congratulations on the Teacher Qualification too, hope the right job comes up soon.

  12. Nice to see you with a blog update. I have watched you on Flosstube but I don't watch Flosstube videos regularly. I just prefer the blogs :)
    Nice progress on your WIPs.
    Congratulations on finishing your teacher's qualification and I hope that you will soon find a job.

  13. Congrats on graduating and I do hope you find a teaching job soon! Museum shelf is looking good but cross county stitching scares me. I don't Floss Tube - I figure I already waste to much time on this thing and don't need one more thing to distract me! LOL

  14. Your progress on both look great.
    Congratulations on your teacher status! Maybe a full time spot will open up in the fall.

  15. So nice to have you back! Congratulations on becoming a teacher; it must be satisfying to know that all your hard work has paid off. Great progress on your stitching too. :)


  16. Congratulations on the new house! The dragons look great, just watched them on your flosstube.

  17. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!


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