Sunday, May 15, 2016

May GG

Hello everyone and welcome to my GG post!  GG is run by the lovely jo of serendipitous stitching.  It's a chance for us to post about stuff we've stitches that were gifts or are going to be gifts.  

I'm still chugging along on paradise but haven't had hardly any progress because I was working on the HAED challenge.  I'm done with it but just finished like 2 days ago.  I've done some of the letters of the next page and am working on the outlines now but forgot to take a pic lol.

Anyway last time I was here:

Now I'm here(ish):

For the top words I finished feel and for the bottom I have spir of spirit.

As for the HAED challenge I worked on Celtic wolf and finished a page of it.  This is the left side of his nose.

 Surprisingly there's been very little black so far.  A couple of stitches in his nose and down by the left corner.  I made a cool video of every color after I put them in.  But I can't post it from here.

Anyway I'll see you all next time!  Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Stash and HAED Challenge

Hi everyone just a short post today!  I've abandoned paradise for a short while while I work on finishing the HAED challenge on their Facebook page.  The challenge is to do a page of a pattern (at least 7,300 stitches) and do it cross country.  Mine rings in at barely 7,300 so in safe but I was worried when I recounted after doing 5 colors.  I'm not sure how many colors are on this page but I'm only about half done.  I'm going to do a video slideshow of each color after I finish it.  But here it is now:

This is his nose.  As a reminder I'm doing Brigid Ashwood's Celtic wolf that only, I think, 20 people own the pattern.  I got it with her calendar as a Kickstarter she was doing.  

I also got a new chart :). I know I don't need anymore but meh that's what the stitching world is all about!

Nic over at obsessive stitcher in her last post introduced me to charting creations where I found this beautiful piece:

I just fell in love with the the colors and the castle and the glow of her dress.  I held off a day before buying while I asked myself if I really needed it but I kept fantasizing about it so she became mine. I'm glad I waited though because they're having a sale!  There's a cool dragon I want too but I'll be good :)

That's all for now I hope to finish wolf soon so I can get back to paradise!  I'm itching to continue.  Thanks for stopping by!

Ps I just started watching floss tube so if any of you guys have a channel leave me a comment so I can watch :). I'm marathoning a lot right now which is my favorite way to watch stuff