Sunday, July 24, 2016

Okay I was Wrong... Page Finish!

So I didn't finish the 3 pages at the same time but that means I have one of them done!

I was stitching mostly while watching Pokemon and watching crash course history for my upcoming test.

Last time:


Those are the same colors in the mountains and sea which is why it took so long.

Ahhh there's a pidgey on my frame!

Lol couldn't resist.  So I'm hoping to finish pretty soon and I'm not starting the haed challenge until I get my millennium frame because I don't want to take off paradise until I'm totally done with it.

Here's a kitty shot :)
She stole daddy's chair lol.

Thanks for stopping by I'll see you with the next page finish!

Friday, July 22, 2016

I'm Back with an Extremely Late GG

Hi guys sorry for the long absence I had a destination wedding this past weekend which made me miss GG and then this past week I haven't been home due to a birthday, a dentist appointment and working late so I can take today (Friday) off.  I'm currently catching up on blogs when I can put I've gotten a bit hooked on Pokemon Go and I have my state tests next Friday so I've been studying a lot.

But anyway onto the pics!  I haven't made a ton of progress but I finally finished the clouds in this section and just started the mountains.  I don't have a page finish yet but I'm hoping for one soon.  I have a suspicion I'll finish all 3 pages at once.

Last time:

Second pic is more true to the colors.

While thing:

Also I'm still waiting on my frame.  Thank you to everyone who offered to help and a big thank you to Jo who was able to call them.  They should send it out soon hopefully.  They said last week but the status hasn't changed so we'll see.

Thanks for stopping by I'll see you next week!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Update and a Plea for Help!

Hi everyone I'm back with another update!  Sorry about the long wait!  I don't know if I have a page finish but I think I do.  I decided for this set of pages I would work on all 3 at the same time and it seems to be going pretty quickly.  I know it's been almost 2 weeks since I last updated my blog but I wanted to finish a color and I kept being halfway through when I had good light.  The top page is about halfway done and the other 2 pages have some nice progress.  Enough with the chat onto the pictures!

Last time:

This time:

The dark purples in the "H" are part of the clouds.  Sorry it's difficult to see some of the stitches they blend in with the background near the "IT" of spirit but everything gets darker toward the end of the piece.

Now my plea for help.  I'm hoping someone from the UK can call to check on the status of my Millennium Frame for me :D  I'm on the other side of the world pretty much so the hours end up being totally off from mine.  If you want to help let me know and I can give you the order number :) 

Thanks for stopping by see you next time!