Monday, July 28, 2014

A Start and a Column Finish

I've officially started the project for my friend.  (If you're reading this I'm posting spoilers so if you want it to be a surprise don't keep reading).  I'm doing a Legend of Zelda project with the 3 spiritual stones from Ocarina of Time.  That's why I'm using all Light Effects thread, I'm hoping to make it sparkle like jewels. 
I didn't get far because I had to frog all of my work when I realized I was only using 1 thread instead of 2.  It had split into two pieces so it confused me.  It's hard to tell in this pic but this is the green one (Kokiri Emerald).  I'll try to get a pic after I add some gold.  I ended up having to make the designs with a pattern maker so I'm hoping it will turn out okay since the program I used turned it into several shades of green and gold.  This is a pic of the spiritual stones.  The front of the emerald has a swirl of gold which isn't shown here but that's my favorite feature so I'm putting that in.

I also finished a column on my Halloween blue.  But I'm going to only work on the project for my friend until I finish so I can get it to him ASAP. 
I love the color of blue near the black swirl on the bottom it's so bright!  The bottom third of the pattern is all black pretty much so it'll be kind of boring but it's only half pages so it shouldn't be too bad.

Until next time,
Stay classy stitchers!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

From the top to the bottom

Sorry for the long delay things have been a little busy.  I've got some progress to show.  And I've got the materials for another new start for a sick friend.  I'm looking forward to this one since it's video game related and uses all dmc light effects.  I haven't found a pattern for it yet but it should be fairly easy and if not I'll make my own.  Here's my latest progress:
This is the bottom of the second page.  The third page is only 50 stitches long though so it's closer to a half page.  And the dmc light effects thread looks really cool:
I think it'll be more difficult to work with but we'll see.

There's some big news on our front.  Apparently we're going to be going to Europe.  We found some great deals so we're flying to Norway for a couple days and then to Paris then back to Norway for the flight back.  That's 12 uninterrupted hours of stitching time each way.  Okay I may interrupt if I get bored ;)

Til next time:
Hey!  Stitch!

(If you can figure out what that's from you'll have a good idea what my next project is)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Page One is Done!

I'm happy to report that page one of Halloween is done!  Each panel is three pages long which means I'm well on my way to finishing this panel before Halloween.
My hubby is really pushing me to finish my lounge chair I'm building so that may be taking some precedence but all the structure is done so it's just putting on the sides and the bottom.  Shouldn't take me long.  I still have to put my signature on my cabin piece which I'll probably do tonight and then get them both framed.  Hopefully I'll get some more stitching done tonight.

Until next time,
May the stitch be with you

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Swirling Started

I've started on Swirling Peacock and the left swirls are done. 
I'm loving the colors so far.  I'm going to work on the swirls on the other side before I start the main body because at that point it's more solid so I can start parking (which is that strand of blue in the pic).  I've also got more of the Halloween done.
It doesn't look like much but this is 3 pages large and this is half of one page so I should get it done for Halloween!  I'm hoping to get another column done today but it's already 5 so we'll see.

I just found out that my dad and his girlfriend are bringing my niece and nephew out to see me!  So excited!  They're not coming out until late September but I miss seeing them (I just saw them a few months ago but this is their first time coming out to see me since I moved).  And Diagon Alley opened at Universal today so they will get to see it.  I'm not going out there until next month because I'm blocked out but also because it's crazy.  450 minute lines for one of the rides. 

Anyway one of the places I get a lot of stitching done is at work when I'm waiting for my husband to pick me up.  We share a car so sometimes I have a few hours.  But I got a great organizer to carry everything with me and it takes up a small footprint.
It's actually a small electronics organizer but works perfect for my purposes.  It holds all my floss, needles, scissors, beads and fabric and the best part is that it's big enough for two projects.
This is the other side.  The bottom zippered pocket has velcro and folds back so I have access to my fabric.  I make sure I roll the fabric the opposite way each time so it doesn't set in the creases.  I just love it because it fits perfectly in my purse and I don't like patterned fabrics so it's pretty.  For anyone who wants it: Case

That's all for now happy stitching!