Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  I hope everyone enjoys it, here at my house we aren't really celebrating.  I spent the morning cleaning and I'll spend tonight stitching.  We had a bbq last night so that was our big weekend meal.  

I've finally made some good progress on paradise.  Last time I was here:

Now I'm here:
Sorry for the dark pictures the lighter greens I'm using don't show up well.  The bright blue on the mountains was so fun to stitch!  It's mostly 995 and is so much brighter in person!  I'm about 3/4 of the way through the page and I'm really hoping I'll finish the column before Thursday because I leave on Friday for vacation for a week.  And it's too big to take with but I may try if I have room in my suitcase.  

I got a RAK from someone in the HAED Facebook group too.  I don't know why she picked me but I'm now the proud owner of mccaws.

Thanks for stopping by I'll be back sometime next week :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I'm Back! With another GG!

Bonjour readers!  Sorry I've been away so long!  This is going to be a long post so grab a cup of coffee and settle in 😊. 

First up is GG so that I don't bore any of you who come just for that 😜. I have made very little progress in the past month I haven't even finished a full page although I'm very close 😄. Another night should finish off the mountains.  

Last GG I was here:

Now I'm here:

I'm really hoping I finish the mountains soon.  I'm also hoping I get another column finish by the end of March and another page finish by the next GG so I'll have 3 more pages next time hopefully.  

So what's been happening with me you may ask?  A whole lot 😅. I forgot if I mentioned it but my hubby and I did a Disneyland employee scavenger hunt.  I literally just found out we did really well 😆

The hunt was awesome it started at 9:00 pm and ended at around 12:30 am.  We got to bed around 2 😳 so I was really tired because I had work the next day.  The hunt was set up really well basically we had to be in a group of 4 with 2 Disney cast members (employees) at least in each team.  When they signed up they had to choose 10 random numbers out of 30 for hard (us) and 20 for easy.  Those later determined what tasks we did.

For our team we had my hubby and I, his friend from work and his wife.  We were definitely the Disney geeks lol we answered almost all of the questions.  It all started off with everyone picking up their packs which had a rope, park map envelope, scantron sheet and a letter with 7 different 2 digit numbers on it.    We were all supposed to meet in fantasyland at the theatre for the start so after a trip to Starbucks we fought against the crowds to head in.  The park had just closed so we were fighting the tide so to speak.  After the introductory speech with detective Dan we played a trivia game (the scantron) while they set up clues.  They also had some representatives for the charity we were sponsoring come out and surprised them with a big cheque for $60,000 more than they thought they were getting.  Detective Minnie came out and we were told we had to get the Beagle Boys before they grabbed the 60th anniversary diamond.  Then everyone grabbed their clues and we had to cross off the numbers they said until we were left with one which corresponded to a place on the map we had to run to (well walk that was the rules).  As soon as we got out of the theatre we had to clip ourselves together (the rope) and we had to stay together for the duration.  Everyone had a different number they were left with to thin the crowds and we had to run to star tours for our first clue.  It was the name of a Beagle Boy so we wrote that on our envelope and headed to clue central to get our first official clue according to the numbers we picked at registration.

Our different clues involved making an origami diamond according to instructions they provided (we didn't know what it would be), doing a word search with our only clues being the number of words from each movie, going to the Matterhorn and figuring out which family crests weren't in the queue, figuring out the order of song lyrics in Jolly Holiday, finding the exact names of sequels, finding the place names around Fowlers Harbor, finding the fantasyland attraction words that fit the clues, using a word in Disney song lyrics to find the name of a ride using the same word and finding what land the ride was in, using coordinates to make a grid with a picture and the last one we ran out of time for.  

Each puzzle led to a clue that you had to write on your envelope and turn in for the next clue.  For instance the matterhorn one had us use the 4 leftover crests to use a code on the back to decipher a sentence which was "on your envelope draw a picture of Harold". It's not common knowledge but Harold is the name of the yeti that guards the Matterhorn mountain so we drew his picture on the envelope as our answer.  

Another one had us completing the word search and then  using the letters in between to spell out a sentence which was "what is the name of once upon a times Reginas green faced sister" who was the wicked with of the west who's name was zelena.  So zelena got written on the envelope.  It involved a lot of running around the park but man was it a blast.  We placed 15th out of 400 but would have done better if we didn't run out of time.  We missed the last two so I'm hoping next year we do better 🤓

This is one of the clues for the jolly holiday lyrics.  We had to match the words in the right order and this is what we got right after the first try.  We would have done better if people listened to me but nope lol.  I kept telling them we just had to write the answer on the envelope but they insisted we had to write down every letter in the clue for it to count which ate up a lot of time.  Turns out I was right!

After that night it was basically a week of getting ready for the move aka packing, the next week was actually moving and then unpacking.  We still have a couple more boxes which we have to wait to unpack until we get some furniture but we got a lot of it accomplished. I love my new place it's a brand new apartment complex with only 8 units and its 3 bedrooms which means I get a craft room!  I have to share with the office but that's fine. I'll get pictures after its totally finished.  The craziness meant no stitching time but I'm hoping to remedy that tomorrow and the next week.  I'm really hoping to finish the mountains tomorrow because they're my favorite part 😍.  I had a major screw up that I had to really fudge I was somehow a row/two off and I have no clue what happened.  Somehow the letters got my counting messed up in between.  Oh well I think it looks okay. As long as I can make the mountains match the picture which they should then it looks good.

Thanks for sticking with me my goal is to finish these 2 pages by the end of the month but then it's my birthday so we'll see.  I hope I didn't bore you all see you next time!