Monday, June 30, 2014

Well Under Way

I've gotten quite a bit done this past week.  I'm kind of a slow stitcher but I'm really pleased with the park and stitch method.  I think it's really helped as well as the grid.  My husband has been out of town this weekend for a funeral but I couldn't go because of work only to be told to leave early one of the days anyway because I wasn't needed *sigh*.  I haven't started on the peacock yet but I did get it gridded and ready.  I've just really enjoyed all the blues and glow-in-the-dark thread on my Halloween that I haven't wanted to stop.  Here it is:

See you next time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Hey everyone some good news today...  I finished my project!  I've completed two projects so far in my cross-stitching career (out of two I started) and here they are:

I need to sign the bottom one because I forgot but both are large projects at 12x16.  I've decided I only like large projects  but I may dabble in ornaments for you can tell I like holiday ones :).  So this means I'm free to officially start my blog.  I'm going to be switching back and forth from the two projects depending on my mood but I'd love to have at least one Halloween pattern done by Halloween.  I'm going to spend tonight setting up grids (my first time) and winding my thread onto bobbins and then get started!

Friday, June 13, 2014

My Project(s) Reveal!

Yep I'm happy to say I'll be starting two new projects instead of just one!  Technically it's 5 new projects but 4 of them are designed to be one piece.  I'm still finishing my Dimensions Aurora Cabin but I should be done in a week hopefully.  My first piece I'm excited about because it's everything I love.  Sparkly, swirly and peacock (which was the theme of my wedding).
It's the Swirling Peacock design by Joan Elliott.  It uses DMC thread as well as Kreinik to make it sparkle and Mill Hill beads for some added bling.  I'm stitching it on 28 count Opalescent White linen to give it even more sparkle.  It's my first time putting beads on a project and also my first time stitching on anything other than Aida.  Hmmm...also my first time stitching from scratch rather than from a kit.  Well a lot of firsts on this one.

I'm also excited about my next project(s).  I didn't think my hubby would let me buy this one too but I found a good deal on fabric so he's not too mad.  My next project is a piece which can be broken up into panels which I decided to do.  It uses more fabric but there's so many more possibilities with it.  It also encompasses my love of Halloween and on that note, here it is.
So pretty!  This piece is called Halloween Banners by a design from Vanessa-Fotolia.  I love the versatility and how each panel is so colorful and complete and look beautiful when combined.  I'm picturing these staggered on my wall but I could also see them on different walls in the same room.  My particular favorites are the blue and green ones.  I'm strongly considering doing the moons in Glow-in-the-dark thread.

 Well that's all for now see you next time!

Monday, June 9, 2014


Welcome to my blog fellow cross stitchers.  This blog will be mostly about my cross stitch projects but will also include some of my life.  I've only finished one cross stitch which was the Candy Cane Santa by Dimensions and I'm almost done with the Aurora Cabin by Dimensions as well.  I'll post pics when they're done but I want to start my blog with my newest project.  My crafting isn't just cross stitching though, right now I'm building my first piece of furniture.  That one causes my hubby some stress since it's quite a bit bigger than I was planning but I hope he'll like it.  Well that's all for now my newest project is on order and should ship tomorrow so I'll post again soon!