Saturday, January 31, 2015

Still No Page 3 Finish.

I'm still behind on my goal.  I should be done with page 4 but I'm only about halfway through page 3.  I didn't realize how much confetti was in page 3 ad it's taking longer than I anticipated.  Since a good portion of the piece will have text on it I should move faster hopefully because they are solid so here's hoping.  I'm estimating I'm about 10,500 stitches in so far.  Only 151,100 left to go lol depressing ;)

Sorry for the quality the lighting in here is pretty poor.  I promise my next post will be better.

I did some craftiness though.  I finished another wall panel tonight

I must say I like my second attempt better than my first.  The blue and yellow just looks so cool.  I'll also be doing a red and orange one and a gray and pink one.  I may redo the green and purple but we'll see.

Also I bought my bridesmaid dress for my cousin's wedding today.  And yay it was a size smaller than when I first tried it on to send her pictures!  I'm still planning on losing weight but I can have it altered.  They told us we needed to have them ordered by February to get there in time for her October wedding but surprise!  they'll actually be here in May.  So I could totally have waited until I lost the weight to order but too late now.

Until next week
Banana!  (Sorry Despicable Me is on)

Friday, January 23, 2015

SFS January and Finally Getting Some Progress!

Hello again fellow stitchers and readers :)

First up today is my SFS for January.

Total Spent: $0
Total Earned: $0

I won't have any earned for part 1 of SFS because my project was started on 1/1 and it has to be over 6 months old but that's okay I'm not planning on spending any either although the 50% HAED has been calling my name with Butterfly Wood.  I think I'll save it for now and buy it during the next sale if I can reach my stitching goals by then.

The good news is that the family left so I was able to get in some stitching time.  I got hit with a major cold as well.  I'm still on the mend but I'm at about 95% with just a lingering cough.  It was one of those short but intense colds that knocked me on my butt.  If you remember from my last post my brother-in-law stayed with us.  It wasn't as bad as I thought until his sister came and he refused to go with us in the parks since she was there.  He just stayed by himself in their hotel room.  He also was only pretending to shower which only made things worse.  My diet also took a nosedive while they were in town between eating out and being sick.  I'm starting it up again too.

But onto stitching news!  I got quite a bit done on Paradise.  I'm still nowhere near my goal but at least I'm making progress.  I'm stitching each page in groups of 20 columns of which there are 3 on each page.  I think after I get to the bottom of the design (next page) I'll try doing it in columns of 30 so I'm stitching half a page at a time.  We'll see.  I don't like how I can see the indents between my columns.  A lot of my progress came on the day I "called out" of work and today.

Here's where I was last week.

Here's where I am now.  I'm stitching this by color in the column so the yellow on the right is being interspersed with the orange.  So I finished the first 2 columns and am working on the third.  As of this morning I was down to about where the yellow ends in the second column so I finished that and started column 3.  I'm hoping I can get it done in the next 2 days.  Since I called in on Wednesday they're having me work Sunday instead so I'm losing out on that day of stitching.

Here's the project as a whole so I'm still a loooooooooooong way off :)

I also started a new project which won't take me long.  I'm doing melted crayon art for my walls.  It will be 4 panels done on canvas when it's finished.

This one needs melted down more and I messed up where the letters are but I think I made it work.  The letters were supposed to be white but the tape I used didn't adhere to the canvas well enough so the wax got underneath it.

I also tried my hand at highlighting my hair.  The technique worked but the blonde didn't take well and I'm not bleaching my hair without a professional but I think it looks okay.

Okay that's all for now.  Thanks for sticking with me I know my posts get pretty long.  But I don't mind if you only come for the pictures :)

Until next time,
Stay Classy Stitchers!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness

I'm way behind on my goals for stitching unfortunately. I'm only about a third of the way into the page and I was hoping for another page finish.  I'm hoping to catch up with my next page since its a half page.

This is 1&1/3 pages in for my project to be gifted to my cousin for her wedding.  Only 40&2/3 pages to go ;)

Until next week stitchers!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Page 1 Done!

I'm happy to report that page 1 is finished!  It's my largest page since all of the other pages have bleed over.  Next week I may not get much done because my husband's family is coming to town and his autistic brother is staying with us.  I've never stayed the night with them so I'm not sure how it's going to be but we have a small apartment and I guess he likes to stay up all night and slams doors so we'll see.  I just hope between spending time at the parks, work and having his brother here that I can get some sleep in.  His dad will be working part of the time he's here but his sister will be spending most of the time with us.  I also threw out my back today while I was cleaning for their arrival so I can't bend down without a sharp pain.  But I did manage to make healthy chocolate brownies that work with my diet.  So far I'm down between 5-10 pounds (the number on my scale and the doctor's scale were 5 pounds off).  If I go by my scale number I only lost 5.  But that's okay as I'm being a lot healthier and even lost my fast food cravings.  The thing I miss most is soda so I may cheat and have one tomorrow.  But anyway I've been stuck on my couch with my heated blanket on my back watcing Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Amazon Prime.  Well without further ado here are the pictures!

I couldn't decide if I liked the black border around the letter but decided to keep it as there are a lot of color changes and think this will make it stand out better.  The colors are more true in the top picture.  This is also the only letter we'll be seeing for a while as I'm sick of oranges so I'm moving to the next page down instead of across so we'll start to see some of the sea and some greens and blues.  The next line of the phrase is shorter so it won't come until the page to the right of the next page and the last line is even shorter.  But we should see another letter or two when I make it back up to the second page on top.

Until next time,
Keep on stitchin!