Monday, February 23, 2015

SFS February

I'm happy to report I still haven't spent any money on stash this year.  I don't have any finishes I can report since I started my project last month and bought it in December but that's okay.  There have been quite a few HAEDs that have been calling my name but I've refrained.  

February spent: $0
Carryover: $25
Total: $50

That being said I have finished another page!  I'll now be starting page 5 which I'll be doing beside page 4 instead of underneath.  
Until next time,
Keep on stitchin!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gifted gorgeousness SAL February

Hey everyone I'm currently at universal watching barenaked ladies.  It's Mardi Gras and their concert series.  They were good he kept messing with the sign language interpreter and they kept making up songs about the new harry potter land.

But I'm almost done with half of page 4.  I've stitched down past the letters.  The page ends about 5 rows below the letter.

So I'm almost through the M. It's not quite wide enough to go through but almost.
I also got some good news we got a good deal on a cruise since my hubby works at disney so we're doing a 5 night cruise to grand cayman and disney's private island castaway cay starting 3/6.  We've done cruises before with disney and it's great because soft drinks are included and so is the food even on their island and they have tons of adult only areas.  They also try seating you at a table with people like you so it's very relaxing.  We don't do excursions and usually buy spa passes so I'll hopefully have tons of stitching time.  It's our first time on the wonder which is an older ship but has a cool restaurant and my DMIL is staying in the room with us so we'll see how it goes im excited!

Until next time
See ya real soon!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Page 3 is finally done.  It was only a half page but I thought it was going to take forever with the confetti.  This does not bode well for the rest of my project.

The color change was nice to get out of the oranges a bit but the orange ended up going down to almost the bottom.  I got the letters for page 4 done tonight which takes up a big chunk of the stitching and it's in one block of color so that helps.  The outline is easy too since I don't have to look at my chart much.  So here's the stitching so far:

I don't think I've told you guys what the phrase is...let's keep it a surprise :)  So I am now on page 4/42 which means I'm still pretty far behind but I'm hoping I can catch up soon.  Instead of doing columns of 20 I'm going to do columns of 30 which is about half the page.  I think this will speed up my stitching since I won't be changing colors as much.

Here's a question for you:  How do you stitch?  I stitch in hand using the sewing method.  I like it because I don't have creases caused by frames and it's cheap but it makes it a little more difficult to hold when I get to the left side since there's more fabric.  I would love to get this next page done in the next 3 days but we'll see.  Page 5 is the next page down and we're going to start seeing the next line of the quote.  Yay!

On another slightly stitching note I do all of my stitching from my computer.  I got a new laptop for Christmas and realized I don't have to use a needleminder because my computer is magnetized in parts lol.
It's hard to see but it works :)

Until next time,
Live long and stitch!