Friday, February 17, 2017

February GG

Hello again!  I'm happy to say the first half of my student teaching is officially over and the second half starts on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday for us in the U.S.) and the second teacher seems like we'll get along a lot better.  The kids from the first class all made me cards though so I'm looking forward to reading those this weekend :)

I've started a new project but I'm not going to show anything until I get the first color done.  I'm only about halfway through because of some issues I've run into with counting.  However, we're here for GG!  I missed it last month because I was so busy I forgot!  There isn't huge progress this month but any progress is good :)

Gifted Gorgeousness is run by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching and is our chance to show off projects we got as gifts.  Here's my progress:
One of the red threads in the first dragon was gifted to me in a Christmas card two years ago.  I'm finally caught up on both SALs so I'm happy :)  Thanks for stopping by see you all next time!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello Again!

Hi everyone!  I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while (over a month!) things have been pretty crazy so far.  I am happy to say that I got a lot of progress in though!  Student teaching has gone a little easier than I thought and I'm more than halfway through my school tasks for it.  My first two tasks are done (out of 4) and my 3rd task is over halfway done and 2 of my 6 observations are finished.  I'm happy to say I passed everything so far.  My host teacher and I have had a few bumps but I think it's because we have contrasting personalities.  Next week is my last week with my current teacher but I'll be going into other classes to observe.  My last observation in my current classroom is on Friday and it will be an art lesson.  Every other lesson has been math.  I'm teaching my 3rd graders how to multiply and divide.

Okay enough school stuff...onto stitching!

So I mentioned I've been busy right?  Well I have finished my HAED challenge and have another page done on Celtic Wolf:
I'm not sure why there's that dark streak in the white but I may rip it out and restitch it.  Kind of odd since it's the same skein as all the rest of the white.  This pattern is crazy so far there's been very little black and a ton of purples and blues.  I also dyed my fabric and started the Dragon SAL from Ingleside Imaginarium I talked about last time.  I haven't finished January yet but I hope to in the next day or two.
I decided to dye it a nice gold color with a tea stained underlayer so that it looks like the dragon is sitting on a bunch of gold.  I also did the border in gold Kreinik for the same reason.  I thought at first it would be too much sparkle but we'll see I'm liking it so far.  Now I'm thinking about adding some sparkle to the dragons too!

The next one I don't have a picture of but I spent almost all of SuperBowl Sunday gridding my fabric for HAED's Museum Shelf by Aimee Stewart.  The chart is 750x536 and has 250ish colors and I'm doing it on a sage green 28ct Jobelan that I got in that giant sale my LNS had when it closed.  I didn't think gridding would take all day since I only gridded the page lines but holy crap!  I'm going to be extreme cross countrying it so I needed to grid all of the pages and I'm glad I double checked the numbers because I screwed up a lot!

In other stitchy news, I've finally joined the Flosstube community!  Here's my link to my channel.  I only have one video up so far but will make another probably on Wednesday.  I need a large amount of time alone to make my next one since it's dyeing fabric :)

I ordered some new needleminders which should be coming in soon so I'll share those but in the meantime I'm just stitching on whatever strikes my fancy :)  So I'm hoping to get caught up with dragons and possibly start Museum Shelf but we'll see, I've been itching to start Rapunzel again as well.  Thanks for stopping in I'll see you all next time!