Sunday, November 20, 2016

It's Christmas Time!

Hi everyone I'm back with another faithful update! And another new start! I didn't get any more done on Hocus Pocus because I've been feeling in more of a Christmas mood so I started Santa in the Clouds by Tilton Crafts. I'm doing this one on 28ct evenweave using pin stitch to start and finish and tenting.

Here's what the picture will look like:

And here's my progress so far:

Second color:

I'm really surprised at how dark the colors are. The picture looks a lot lighter but I'm trusting the pattern and I'm sure it'll be beautiful :)

not much else to report other than that I've finished my observation hours so now I just have to wait on finding my placement for student teaching in January.

I'll probably stick with Santa for the time being as I won't have much stitchy time and I'm liking this one so far. I'm going to try to get the Christmas star done before the end of the year. I realized I work much better with a deadline, even when I'm not too strict with it. I'm still catching up on blogs and probably will be for several weeks.

Oh oh I almost forgot! I was the featured blog in Cross Stitch Collection magazine so keep an eye out in the December issue ;)

Thsnks for stopping by I'll see you all next time!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! I know I've been gone for a while but I'm happy to say that I'm back. I went on vacation after I finished paradise and the week in between was spent making my Halloween costume. I do have some nice updates on projects and a new start!
First up is Paradise! It is framed and on its way to the recipient.
Sorry for the glare this was really hard to photograph.
It it ended up being 39" long so shipping was quite expensive. I had to reframe it a few times too because I found a cat hair, then a piece in the back was sticking out and then I found a little black speck right next to the sun. Then I refused to look at it again lol.
my next update is that I have a color finish on Halloween Green.
Finally, my new start! I started Hocus Pocus by Tilton Crafts. I was going to do cross country across the whole piece but then I realized that there were no stitch counts in the pattern so in order to update my progress bar I've decided to stitch by page...kind of. I'm stitching the colors in sections to avoid the page lines I had in Paradise. I'll update my progress bar after I totally finish a page. The stitching in the picture is 939 and it is over 3 pages.
I'm loving the fabric I dyed and I'm not stitching the black on the sides so that the fabric shows through. I'm stitching the swirls though. That's what a lot of that stitching is.
I'm still trying to catch up on blogs but I'm still around 400 behind. I'll catch up though! Thanks for stopping by see you all next time! I'll probably have another new start I'm feeling the Christmas spirit ;)