Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I was Sort of Right! 2 Page Finish

Hi guys I'm back with another update!  I've finished 2 pages at almost the same time and have finished another section!

Last time:

First page finish:

Second page:

I have 9 pages left to stitch which I'm going to do in 2 sections.  There are only 4 whole pages left and I'm going to do one more section just like I did this one and then the last section will be the same set but with the partial pages added too. Depending on how many letters are left on the last page I may just go ahead and finish them.  

I'm getting really excited to finish this and I'm getting kind of anxious because I'm so close.  

I also have some stash to show...I got my first Miras!

I went ahead and got these two because they shared beads but I think the model stitcher for Zenia (the red one) used a different colored bead because they look red in spots that have the blackish beads.  So I may have to make another order :D.  I actually got these a few weeks ago but I forgot to show them.  

In other news I finished my state tests that will allow me to be a teacher but won't get the results until late this month.  I don't feel very good about some of them though but I won't stress until they get here.

Unfortunately I won't be able to stitch much until I get caught up on my schooling.  I've been slacking off a bit but if I finish two classes I'll be back on track so I just have to take like a week off to catch up.

Whew I feel like I talked a lot! 

Is anybody still with me?

Well I'm off its hubby's and my 5th wedding anniversary tomorrow so we'll be celebrating.  No plans yet but we'll see what happens.

Thanks for stopping by I'll see you all next time!


  1. You're definitely getting close! It looks amazing. Love your new stash too.
    Happy anniversary! And fingers crossed for your test results.

  2. Awesome progress! I love your new charts, they're gorgeous. I have some on my wishlist too but thinking of my limited stitching time I'm holding off. Happy anniversary, enjoy your celebration. Wishing you more blessed years and also for your tests.

  3. Fantastic! Happy Dancing for two more pages finishes and a definite end in sight.
    Good Luck with the test results.
    Love the two new Nora witches. What fabric are you planning to use?

  4. Congrats on finishing your state tests! I know when I took my certification exams (not for teaching, though), I felt like I didn't do well when I did, I'm sure it's the same for you :)

    And happy anniversary to you and DH!

    I love Zenia, I think she's my favorite of her pixie-witches, and probably the only one I'll get around to stitching. I"m sure whatever beads you choose will be great :)

  5. The stitching is coming along so well. I am excited to see the next pages appear. Good luck on your exams and congratulations on five years

  6. Nice progress! Nine pages left, whew! That's a huge project. Nice stash. I'm starting a Nora Corbett myself for the first time, next year though. Happy Anniversary and wishing you great scores on your test. Teachers are always needed!

  7. Oh my, you are so close to having this finished. It looks great! Your new ones are beautiful. Do you know what you will stitch next?

    Happy anniversary!

  8. That's a very pretty project you are working on. Love those two Miras. Once you do one, you will be hooked! The fairies are much less daunting than the big Miras I think. Less colors and less beading.

  9. Felice anniversario!! Dai che sta venendo benissimo e che belli i Mirabilia!!

  10. I am so excited with you as you get closer to finishing Paradise! Your dedication to this piece has been amazing, and your friends are very lucky recipients. :) Love your new Miras! Been eyeing a few of those witchy ones myself. Hope your test results turn out well (rootin' for ya!) and congrats on your anniversary!

  11. Oh this is so exciting. I know I'll hear the screams here in Indiana when you finish. Can't wait to see what you work on after this is out of the way for you. Good luck!!!