Saturday, August 20, 2016

Another Color Down!

Hi guys I'm back again with another big color finished!

Last time:

This time:

I'm about halfway through the next color but I think I'll save it until the color after to post.  I'm working with 3844 now which is a really bright electric blue.  It's basically the color above the stitched part in the last photo.  There's a lot of it but not a ton of the color after.  

I've forgotten to mention I'm going to update my progress bar after I finish every 10 stitch row starting from the top. If I finish one in the middle I won't count it until I finish the one above.  It's just easier to keep track that way :).

I don't have much to report except that I'm getting into reading again.  Im currently restarting the key trilogy by Nora Roberts.  I'm trying to only reread books so I don't get so caught up in a new story that I neglect my stitching :)

Thanks for stopping by I'll see you next time!


  1. I think it does end up being quicker stitching one colour at a time all the way through... You are getting close to the end now! :)

  2. Well done on your stitching. You just made me feel guilty about those neglected books, haha. Happy reading...and stitching!

  3. I can't believe how much you've stitched in the last few weeks! This looks almost finished. Great work.

  4. Excellent progress! I listened to the first key book and it was good, the rest must be good too. Thanks for the reminder of this series.

  5. It's so beautiful! Keep those X's crossing.

  6. Nice progress, Heather! Stitching has taken up all my free time and my reading has suffered for it! I read in bed and when I have finished something, my break from stitching because I marathon stitch when I'm close to a finish. There's no balance between my two loves!