Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Happy GG I'm Back with Another Color!

Hi everyone it's the 15th which means it's time for another Gifted Gorgeousness hosted by the oh so lovely Jo of Serendipitous Stitching.  This is our chance to show off our projects that were gifted to us or that we are stitching as gifts.  Of course this means more Paradise which is being stitched for my cousin for her wedding.  

I forgot I didn't take a picture last night when I finished the color.  It was almost 1 when I finished (eek) so I was ready for bed.  But anyway I forgot to take the picture and started the next color when I remembered so ignore the 50 or so stitches on the top row that nut out.  I'm sure you can imagine where it's supposed to end ;)

Last time:


I already finished the next color in that top section which took like 4 hours and filled in a lot of the top.  But there's a ton more of that color so you won't see an update for a bit :). Ok so if I keep going at this pace it'll be like a day or two lol.  I promise I'm not going to post after colors that only have a few stitches.  I'll still take a picture but will post multiple pictures.

And speaking of pictures I decided I'm not going to post any full piece pics until it's all done.  I stopped sending pics to my cousin a little while ago so it'll be partly a surprise.  But I figure 9 pages of progress pics is a good enough size :).  If any of you really want to see the full size I'll email you one :)

But anyway I'm conflicted stitching this.  I feel like I'm making a ton of progress and none all at the same time lol.  Maybe because I'm too eager to finish lol.

But on happy need I only have one more class to finish in order to start my student teaching/observing.  So I might be able to take a small break.  If it gets approved through both work and school I'll be doing my observations every Friday for ten weeks starting 9/9 and ending 11/2.  I have a few vacations in there which is why there are more than ten weeks there.  

And on the Pokemon front I'm up to 110 caught out of 151 (some of which haven't been released).  

Thanks for stopping by I'll see you in a few days!


  1. Great progress, it's really fun watching the colours blend across the design

  2. I have just been to your recent posts and seen how this piece has grown over the last two weeks. Absolutely gorgeous progress.

  3. Keep going! I know what you mean about it feeling like you aren't making progress. I think it's because you get so excited to finish it feels like it crawls so slow.

  4. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. It's very exciting to see the colours being added to this. I like that method of stitching.
    Good luck with the observations too.

  5. Woohoo! Great progress and holy cow... I have 68 Pokemon. :)

  6. Oh so close you can smell a finish in the air!! Great progress :o)
    I am staying away from Pokemon... I wouldn't get any stitching done if I started chasing those little critters!
    Hugs xx

  7. I seriously cannot believe how much of this you have gotten done in the past month! Wow!

  8. Good luck on your last class! You must be feeling excited getting close to the end. Paradise is looking great and I am sure your cousin will be surprised when she sees the final product ;)

  9. Congrats on the color finish. Paradise is looking great. WOW, that's a lot of Pokemon. My niece only gets to play it on my phone on when I visit, so she's super happy to see me whenever (to snatch my phone , LOL)...and I have to keep on walking for those eggs!