Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SFS June Check-In and Giveaway Goodies

Hello again my lovely followers!  Hope everything is going good in stitchy world for you all :). Today I'm sharing my SFS update as well as what I gave Katie for winning my giveaway!

SFS is run by Mel at Epic Stitching.  We are not allowed to spend more than $25 a month but anything we don't spend gets carried over to the next month.  We can earn money for stitching stash but I don't count that.  This year is in two parts so this is the last month of this part and I've got quite a bit left I didn't spend.  Yay!

June Allotment: $25
Carryover: $94.30
Spent: $67.67
Total: $51.63

Not bad but I'm glad I had that much saved up since the tilton sale nearly broke me lol.  What did I buy?  Well you saw the 6 charts already and I also got some new scissors for my travel project case and some new fabric.  

This will be dyed for Merida.

And the fabric I already dyed for Hocus Pocus which was the Orange and black from my last post.

When I dyed that fabric I dyed the pieces for my giveaway at the same time.  When I asked what colors you all liked she just said bright colors so that's what I did!  

I've decided to start naming my fabrics when I dye them and keep track of the colors I use in case I ever decide to sell them.  So the Orange and black I did is Halloween Havoc.
Pic is washed out.  Orange and black are much truer to Halloween shades.

And I sent Katie a piece of Sleeping Beauty:
A piece of Storm Clouds: 
And a piece of Under the Sea which is my fave of the bunch:
I forgot to take the pic until after I trimmed Storm Clouds but I was too excited lol.  I also sent her a puzzle, a China cat which is supposed to being good luck for her son Jeremiah who is healing from surgery and some Disney cell phone charms which she can use as scissor fobs.   And some floss lol.  I forgot to take pics of the rest before I shipped it but she has pics on her blog.

She was thrilled with them so I consider it a win :)

Thanks for stopping by next time we'll see some Paradise progress!  I haven't done much but I've been busy lol

P.S. One of the reasons we were busy was because we went to the Goo Goo Dolls concert at Universal.  Here's some pics:
I got video too but can't upload it from my phone.  Blah lol.  Ttfn!


  1. Congratulations Katie - your fabrics are nice and bright! The last one is my favourite too.

  2. Beautiful fabrics, well done on such a good job xx

  3. I guessed that you might send some of your lovely dyed fabric in your giveaway when you asked for colors! Sleeping Beauty is great but I think Under the Sea is my favorite too. Blues and all. :D

  4. Beautiful colours in your fabrics and great photos!

  5. I love everything Heather! Thank you so much. The fabric is amazing and so bright for being on evenweave. Most the time it ends up being dulled on that type of fabric. You should definitely sell it cause it's wonderful!!!

  6. Wow! Your fabric is amazing!

  7. Your fabrics look wonderful and my favorite is the last one too :)

  8. So much pretty fabric! Love the goo goo dolls:)

  9. The fabric is gorgeous! I've got in on the act by suggesting what she should stitch on it to show it off to the best effect!

  10. Your fabrics are amazing! and with cool names to boot!

  11. Beautiful fabric, Heather :-)

  12. WOW!! Such pretty fabrics!!! Great job on your SFS