Monday, June 15, 2015

June Gifted Gorgeousness Just in Time!

Why is it just in time?  Because I received some stitching goodies today!  I won the giveaway that lovely Linda was having on her blog Such is Life!  She sent me some pretty things.  Thanks again Linda!  What did she send?
A really cute card:
 A cool dragon pattern:
 And some pretty sparkly blue fabric:
It's difficult to see in the pic but the fabric is an opalescent from Crafty Kitten.  It's called Sunlit Water.  It's my favorite count to stitch on but it's a Brittney which I haven't stitched on before so it'll be fun!

The dragon pattern is quite large!  It's 300x230 stitches and has some lovely oranges in it.  I can't decide if it would look better stitched on black like the picture or a blue fabric with sky blue on the top and darker blue/green on the bottom.  I have time to figure it out though :)

I also stitched on my Paradise piece for my cousin's wedding.  Unfortunately it's not a lot of progress because my dad was in town but that's okay we had fun :)

I also dyed some fabric and it turned out awesome.

It's a little more orange than the pic shows but this is for Hocus Pocus.  I'm still deciding on my colors for Merida.  I'm thinking dark green, royal blue and teal but we'll see.

Thanks for stopping by see you next time!


  1. Cool presents you got. That dragon will be fabulous:)

  2. Such lovely gifts! I look forward to seeing how you stitch the dragon. Paradise is looking great, and that fabric is amazing!

  3. Great gifts. I think the dragon would look wonderful on a blue fabric

  4. Brittney is one of my favourite fabric to stitch on :) I hope you'll like it too!

  5. So glad they have arrived safely. Let me know when you start to stitch your dragon as I also have a copy of the pattern for myself and we could stitch along together.

  6. Fantastic goodies. Glad to hear you had fun with your dad. Beautiful progress too.

  7. I love the dragon one and can't wait to see you start it! That Brittney fabric is gorgeous too.

  8. Oooh nice dragon. Top blue bottom purple? All blue? I'm useless lol! :D Love all your dyed fabrics. Hocus Pocus will look amazing on that!

  9. Thanks for taking part in GG this month and sharing your lovely stash winning! The dragon is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing you start that one!

    Nice progress on your Sunset piece too.

  10. Paradise looks awesome! I haven't seen it in a while and I think it looks great! I think your cousin is going to love it.