Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Progress and a new color to show!

I got quite a lot of stitching done since my last post.  I have the entire gold part of the next jewel done and have started to put in the beginnings of the ruby.  The rest of this should be a quick stitch.  The red seems to be easier to handle than the gold but that could all be in my mind.

I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with this project and I can only hope the rest goes by quickly too.  This isn't my favorite project to stitch and I'll be happy when it's done and I can give it to the recipient.

And I'm thrilled to announce I was one of the winner's on giveaway on Mel's blog and I'm excited to stitch them.  They're really cute Mill Hill projects.

I'll have to start the autumn one soon so I can display it.  Thanks Mel!

Until next time,
Stitch long and prosper!

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