Sunday, August 31, 2014

Page Finish and a New Pattern

I've got a lot of stuff this week so let's get to it.  First off I finished a page of Halloween blue which means only one more page to go.  The page that's left is only about 2/3 of a page so it should go quickly.  It's almost all black though so it'll be a little boring but easier.
There's two ghosts on the bottom right but other than a little more sky and the ghosts, everything else is black.

I also picked up a new chart which is my first large chart.  I got Morski's Magical World from Tilton Crafts.
I saw it and fell in love with it since I love books.  I'm probably going to stitch it 1 over 1 on 32ct Storm linen from Stephanie's fabbys.  I haven't totally decided on color since there will be about an inch of border around the stitching but we'll see.
I haven't ordered it yet because of the move I don't want it sent to my old address do ill order it sometime this week and have it sent to the new address.  I got about a third of the threads I need.  I just need a few of the ones my store was out of and I'll be ready to make a decent start.  
We're moving this week so I probably won't have much progress in the next post but we'll see how the move goes.  

Until next time,
May the stitch be with you

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