Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Jeweled Finish!

I finally got one of the jewels of my Legend of Zelda project done.  It's the Kokiri Emerald from Ocarina of Time and it's done in all metallics.  I'm going to do the other two jewels first to see how they look before I decide if/how I'm going to add back stitching.  More than likely I will but can't decide if I want to use black or darker colors of the base.  
It's hard to see in the pic but it's very shimmery.  I just ordered a cork board to use to straighten out my projects when they're finished so that wrinkle in the bottom will disappear.  I also bought a binder and trading card protector sheets to organize my floss which I'm excited to get.  Next up is the Goron Ruby which is a triangular shape.  After that will be the Zora Sapphire which is broken up into 3 sections.  Hard to explain the design but I don't have any pics at the moment.

Anyway moving on we found out that we cannot renew our lease at the end of the month like we thought we could so we basically have 20 days at this point to find a place and move.  I'm hoping we can find some free boxes from the kids that are moving for school soon but with our work schedules we can't even start looking at places until Wednesday.  

I also got a slight promotion at work.  Basically something I used to have, and then lost but got back again, which I start tomorrow.  I get to train people to do my job.  They promoted some other people who didn't do it before and they got a day of training which I couldn't do because of my schedule. I haven't been up front in a while but I'm training someone I work with so it should be easy since he already knows the system.

That's all for now!
But I'll be there to stitch as the world falls down (fave movie ever)

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