Thursday, July 24, 2014

From the top to the bottom

Sorry for the long delay things have been a little busy.  I've got some progress to show.  And I've got the materials for another new start for a sick friend.  I'm looking forward to this one since it's video game related and uses all dmc light effects.  I haven't found a pattern for it yet but it should be fairly easy and if not I'll make my own.  Here's my latest progress:
This is the bottom of the second page.  The third page is only 50 stitches long though so it's closer to a half page.  And the dmc light effects thread looks really cool:
I think it'll be more difficult to work with but we'll see.

There's some big news on our front.  Apparently we're going to be going to Europe.  We found some great deals so we're flying to Norway for a couple days and then to Paris then back to Norway for the flight back.  That's 12 uninterrupted hours of stitching time each way.  Okay I may interrupt if I get bored ;)

Til next time:
Hey!  Stitch!

(If you can figure out what that's from you'll have a good idea what my next project is)

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