Monday, July 28, 2014

A Start and a Column Finish

I've officially started the project for my friend.  (If you're reading this I'm posting spoilers so if you want it to be a surprise don't keep reading).  I'm doing a Legend of Zelda project with the 3 spiritual stones from Ocarina of Time.  That's why I'm using all Light Effects thread, I'm hoping to make it sparkle like jewels. 
I didn't get far because I had to frog all of my work when I realized I was only using 1 thread instead of 2.  It had split into two pieces so it confused me.  It's hard to tell in this pic but this is the green one (Kokiri Emerald).  I'll try to get a pic after I add some gold.  I ended up having to make the designs with a pattern maker so I'm hoping it will turn out okay since the program I used turned it into several shades of green and gold.  This is a pic of the spiritual stones.  The front of the emerald has a swirl of gold which isn't shown here but that's my favorite feature so I'm putting that in.

I also finished a column on my Halloween blue.  But I'm going to only work on the project for my friend until I finish so I can get it to him ASAP. 
I love the color of blue near the black swirl on the bottom it's so bright!  The bottom third of the pattern is all black pretty much so it'll be kind of boring but it's only half pages so it shouldn't be too bad.

Until next time,
Stay classy stitchers!

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