Sunday, October 9, 2016

So Close but So Frustrating!

Hello again!  This is the last post you'll see until I'm done but I feel like it'll never happen!  I keep thinking I'm close but when I actually stitch it feels like I'm getting nowhere.  When I look at the photos though I can tell it's making a difference.  Maybe it's because there are large areas of these last colors.

I was able to stay home all weekend and stitch which I thought would get it done but I still have 2 colors left.  I think.  If it's more than that, it's only a couple of stitches.  I've been binge watching flosstube and doctor who, of which I am on the last doctor but I just started his episodes.

Anyway onto pics!

Last time:


Only 3 more colors but a lot of stitching in them!  Sorry for the color differences.  I didn't want to wait for daylight to keep stitching :). I did go to the Halloween store so at least I got out a bit.  I'm still trying to decide on a Halloween costume but I'm leaning toward ghostly ballroom dancer.  They don't sell that so I'll probably hit thrift stores to look for a dress.  But I might go as Mario and Princess Peach, Zelda and Link or Jarrett and Sarah from Labyrinth but hubby isn't going for it ;).

Thanks for stopping in I hope to see you again REEEEEALLY soon.  And I promise to get the final pics in sunlight!

P.S.  I forgot I got some new needleminders!

Love them!


  1. Oh yes, it definitely makes a difference, Heather. Your progress in awesome and you are nearing the finishing line. Just a little bit more motivation and it will be done. Go, go, go ...

  2. You are so close! Keep stitching!!! Cute needleminders :D

  3. Love the needleminders! Getting closer, how exciting! This is like waiting for a baby to be born, lol.

  4. So close! Really can't wait to see this finished!

  5. Oh wow! you are almost there now! Keep on going... :o)
    Love your needleminders!
    Hugs xx

  6. Just enjoy those last few stitches - this is going to be awesome!

  7. Wow, you are so close to a finish!!!
    Well done for keeping up with it, it will look stunning.
    Love the little owl needleminder too ;)

  8. You can REALLY see your progress - hang in there!

  9. This always seems to happen at the end of a piece (and the bigger they are, the worse it seems!)! But you are sooo close. :D

    Love that little Disney ship needleminder.

  10. Wow you had amazing progress, well done!!! Best of luck with the finish.

  11. Oh wow, so close! It must be so frustrating to have to put it down and go to bed, or eat, or do reasonable things. So excited to see your finish!

  12. I am sure all those color changes are a pain but that sky looks amazing! Hope you get to stitch on it and finish it soon! those needleminders!