Sunday, February 8, 2015


Page 3 is finally done.  It was only a half page but I thought it was going to take forever with the confetti.  This does not bode well for the rest of my project.

The color change was nice to get out of the oranges a bit but the orange ended up going down to almost the bottom.  I got the letters for page 4 done tonight which takes up a big chunk of the stitching and it's in one block of color so that helps.  The outline is easy too since I don't have to look at my chart much.  So here's the stitching so far:

I don't think I've told you guys what the phrase is...let's keep it a surprise :)  So I am now on page 4/42 which means I'm still pretty far behind but I'm hoping I can catch up soon.  Instead of doing columns of 20 I'm going to do columns of 30 which is about half the page.  I think this will speed up my stitching since I won't be changing colors as much.

Here's a question for you:  How do you stitch?  I stitch in hand using the sewing method.  I like it because I don't have creases caused by frames and it's cheap but it makes it a little more difficult to hold when I get to the left side since there's more fabric.  I would love to get this next page done in the next 3 days but we'll see.  Page 5 is the next page down and we're going to start seeing the next line of the quote.  Yay!

On another slightly stitching note I do all of my stitching from my computer.  I got a new laptop for Christmas and realized I don't have to use a needleminder because my computer is magnetized in parts lol.
It's hard to see but it works :)

Until next time,
Live long and stitch!


  1. Beautiful work! Can relate to confetti.
    I stitch in hand as you do. Print out my chart on cardstock so I can use highlighter pens.

  2. Great work! I used to stitch in hand and have done for 25+ years but have had to use a frame recently for bigger projects and find I now prefer it.

  3. Always stitch with a hoop & would be lost without one :)
    Great stitchy progress!!!

  4. You are moving right along! Great progress. I use a floor frame for my big projects and stitch with my left hand on top and right hand on the bottom of the fabric. So my right hand does the "up" stitches and left hand does the "down" stitches. But I always stitch in hand no hoop or frame for my small projects (anything up to about size 12x12inches)

  5. You're getting there slowly but surely on this one. Not much more to go!!! :)
    As for stitching, I have a Millennium frame with various widths of scroll bars for my bigger projects and a Little Wizard for everything else. Only if the project is under 3" x 3" will I stitch in hand.

  6. Nice progress! I too don't use a frame or hoop, as for the needle I just put it on the right upper corner of my fabric (lazy!). Happy stitching.

  7. I use a Q-snap and couldn't imagine life without it now. I put felt between the fabric and the clasps and have never had a mark left on my fabric and I leave my projects in them while I'm working on them.

    Your progress is amazing. There is no way I could get that much done in a few days. You're crazy! Good luck though!!! Can't wait to see what the quote is.

  8. Great progress Heather! I love my q-snap and like Katie wouldn't be without it! It looks like the word you are working on is "smell" lol! Not sure that your phrase would start with that though... Guess we will have to wait till a bit more is revealed ;)

    1. Lol you got it! A weird word to start with but it makes sense in the phrase

  9. That is a lot of orange! LOL It looks great though!!

    I use q-snaps to stitch, really small pieces I stitch in hand. I also stitch from my computer; I just open the pdf and work from that rather than printing it out.

  10. "Smell the roses"? That's the best thing I can think of!
    I stitch in hand, rolling the fabric so the stitched side is inside the roll and my hand is only touching the back of the fabric. That way oils from my hands don't get on the face of the stitching.

  11. That's still amazing progress! My first guess was 'smell ya later' LOL.

    I personally hate stitching in hand because I can never seem to control my tension properly! I envy all who can! So, either use a hoop or the stand. I vastly prefer a stand because it allows for two-handed stitching and that helps a slowpoke like me! If I do need to use the hoop, I do like Jo - I roll the fabric so the stitching side is inside.

    Small patterns are stitched from my computer, large patterns are printed out so I can scribble all over them. :D