Saturday, January 31, 2015

Still No Page 3 Finish.

I'm still behind on my goal.  I should be done with page 4 but I'm only about halfway through page 3.  I didn't realize how much confetti was in page 3 ad it's taking longer than I anticipated.  Since a good portion of the piece will have text on it I should move faster hopefully because they are solid so here's hoping.  I'm estimating I'm about 10,500 stitches in so far.  Only 151,100 left to go lol depressing ;)

Sorry for the quality the lighting in here is pretty poor.  I promise my next post will be better.

I did some craftiness though.  I finished another wall panel tonight

I must say I like my second attempt better than my first.  The blue and yellow just looks so cool.  I'll also be doing a red and orange one and a gray and pink one.  I may redo the green and purple but we'll see.

Also I bought my bridesmaid dress for my cousin's wedding today.  And yay it was a size smaller than when I first tried it on to send her pictures!  I'm still planning on losing weight but I can have it altered.  They told us we needed to have them ordered by February to get there in time for her October wedding but surprise!  they'll actually be here in May.  So I could totally have waited until I lost the weight to order but too late now.

Until next week
Banana!  (Sorry Despicable Me is on)


  1. Ooh, the crayon art is so pretty. And don't be discouraged by "slow" progress on the BAP, you are stitching must faster than I could.

  2. Awesome progress Heather.


  3. That's a beautiful piece, take your time and enjoy stitching it :)

  4. Great progress on a tough chart. Love the crayon art.

  5. Wow how beautiful. If anyone can do it it's you. Love the artwork. Good luck on the weight loss.

  6. Great progress on the stitching :)

  7. Wow, you had a lot of stitching done! The crayon art looks pretty;)

  8. Hi Heather

    Firstly, I love Despicable Me! Even love the sequel which is normally unheard of for me.

    Secondly thank you for following my blog as it led me to yours!
    You have beautiful projects going and I wish you luck getting Paradise done by your deadline! I'm also working on Magical World so that one is my favourite (I know I'm biased LOL)
    Looking forward to seeing all these stunning projects grow over the year
    xo Alicia