Friday, July 22, 2016

I'm Back with an Extremely Late GG

Hi guys sorry for the long absence I had a destination wedding this past weekend which made me miss GG and then this past week I haven't been home due to a birthday, a dentist appointment and working late so I can take today (Friday) off.  I'm currently catching up on blogs when I can put I've gotten a bit hooked on Pokemon Go and I have my state tests next Friday so I've been studying a lot.

But anyway onto the pics!  I haven't made a ton of progress but I finally finished the clouds in this section and just started the mountains.  I don't have a page finish yet but I'm hoping for one soon.  I have a suspicion I'll finish all 3 pages at once.

Last time:

Second pic is more true to the colors.

While thing:

Also I'm still waiting on my frame.  Thank you to everyone who offered to help and a big thank you to Jo who was able to call them.  They should send it out soon hopefully.  They said last week but the status hasn't changed so we'll see.

Thanks for stopping by I'll see you next week!


  1. Looking good! Good luck with your test x

  2. Great work, the colours are changing quite subtly as you work across the piece.
    If the frame doesn't arrive and they haven't updated the order tracking within a couple of weeks I'm happy to phone again on your behalf. It's possible they shipped it and didn't change the status.

  3. Wonderful progress, my dear and best of luck with your exams (and Pokemon Go!)

  4. Coming along nicely! I enjoy seeing your progress.

  5. Looks great! My niece has been asking me to walk for she installed Pokemon Go on my phone and now I have to hatch those eggs, haha. Good luck with the exam👍