Friday, April 22, 2016


Hello again everyone!  I'm back with another post and page finish!  It feels like it took forever but here it is!

Last time:


I'm done with the bottom line and am now 67% done!  

What took so long?  In my last post I said I'd update you all so I'll try to keep it short but I did a lot!

First of all we finished setting up our office/craft room.  

I have another desk chair on the other side of the table now and my cross stitch stand is there.  Along with all of my floss and 2 computers (one for stitching and I watch movies on my old one).  So my desk (on the left) is a mess lol.  Oh well that's why hubby has his own ;). The only thing left to do is to put a lightbulb in the lamp and plug it in.

Over spring break we went to 3 places.  First off was St. Louis over the weekend. We went to visit his best friend and her husband and they took us up in the arch:

The way into the arch was a tiny 4'x5' elevator with 5 people sitting in it.  My claustrophobia might have got the better of me if not for the Glass doors to see into the arch.  

And then they took us to this insane place called city museum.  Basically it's a 10 story building where they used recycled city materials to build a giant jungle gym with little holes and tunnels that you have no idea where they go.    They could lead to a slide or to another tunnel or up in the ceiling.  There was a hidden slide that was really steep we found after going up some stairs that lead to a basement room where the only way out was a super narrow (as in the walls touch you front and back) wall fissure or through a tunnel that you had to crawl on your hands and knees with your back almost touching the ceiling.  It was insanely fun but definitely caused my claustrophobia to kick in worse.  They don't have naps and basically tell you they're not responsible if you die.  There's also a huge 10 story slide...if you can find it!  It was fun but it's a spiral so I kept sticking to the sides and couldn't go very fast.  In between all of the insanity was art pieces and fish tanks.  Definitely check out some YouTube videos on it because it's nuts!

Here's some of the photos:
Hubby where I was scared to go:
1840s organ:
Random art:
Random hole next to snack bar: (yes you can climb down it!!)
Narrow passageway with my hand for comparison:
Labyrinth-type random room:


After that hubby left for home and I went on to Colorado.  It was my spring break from work so I had time to kill.

 I mainly saw friends but I also went blonde!

 The main purpose was to help my mom bring my niece and nephews back to California to go to Disneyland.

Airport trip:

It was the little one's first time :)

My two cousins came on a later flight and we all had a great time!  My birthday was that Saturday so they all helped me celebrate :)

My mother in law got me a millennium frame for my birthday as well so I hope it comes before September!  I'm going to a stitching retreat then :). We had a ton of fun and the youngest was a lot better behaved than we thought he would be.  He was adorable too he got so excited!  Every ride was "I wan(na) go again".  My moms already planning to bring them out again next May.
I got a cold right after the trip probably from being so exhausted and am finally starting to feel myself.  I think it mixed with allergies too but meh.

Thanks for sticking with me I hope I didn't bore you all!  See you next time!


  1. That looks awesome! Glad you had a lot of time.

  2. Well done on the page finish Heather :D The City Museum looks fun, I'd love to play that organ, how awesome! It's a shame there is such a long wait on the millennium frames but it's something exciting to look forward to :)

  3. Incredible fun was had by all! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. I am so jealous Heather that you went to Disneyland without me. My all favorite place in the whole wide world (not that I've been anywhere else). lol I haven't been in 15 years and now my legs are bad I can't walk or stand for very long. Loved seeing all your pictures. Awesome stitching as always.


  5. Happy Birthday! Looks like you all had a great time. Nice progress!

  6. Looks like you've had lots of fun! Great stitching too!

  7. Heather, you have been so busy but it all looks like lots of fun. Love your new blonde locks and that museum looks amazing - not sure if I could cope with it, though.

  8. love your project and have enjoyed watching you work on it. Can't wait to see it finished. Your vacation also looked like it was a lot of fun, went with my daughter and her friend to St. Louis a few years back - had a great time - we did the chocolate bar yummmmmm. We have a trip to CO planned this spring, can't wait to see family and of course when I get my hands on my granddaughter - a trip to Disneyland will be planned!!


  9. what an enjoyable read! Love your progress on the beautiful WIP. Your vacation photos are awesome, the view is breathtaking. Glad you had quality time with your relative. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Fantastic progress on your huge WIP.
    And gorgeous pictures from your trip during spring break. When we were in St. Louis my husband went up to the arch but I preferred staying down in the little park, lol. That city museum seems to offer a really special adventure, lol.
    Don't you love to see the mountains of Colorado? And visiting Disneyland must have been a real treat for the kids.

  11. Great work on your BAP, 2/3 done now! That's quite an achievement.
    The holiday photos look wonderful. Not sure whether I'd like the maze museum, I'd be happier with a map. But it does look like fun to explore.

  12. Loved seeing pics from your trip especially Disneyland. I want to go again soon my last trip was when I was 12! Great progress getting to 67% complete for your stitching project.

  13. Awesome photos! I am dead jealous that you went to Disney.... I would love to go.. one day maybe (when I win Lotto!)
    That museum looks amazing!
    Great progress on your stitching.... well done!
    Hugs xx
    PS: Love the blonde :o)

  14. Love the idea of the recycled tunnel thing with lots of twists, turns and surprises. Glad you all had a good family break too. And congratulations on reaching the 2/3rds mark on your project. :)

  15. Wow you've made great progress again. And with all that fun traveling. I wouldn't be able to go to that museum. Glad you shared pics. So not something I would be brave enough to do. The Disney pics are fantastic. Such a fun place!!