Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL July

What is Gifted Gorgeousness?  All of the info is on the link on the left but it's basically where we stitch on something gifted to us or that's intended as a gift.  I'm stitching Paradise which is a gift for my cousin for her wedding in October.  It's nowhere near ready for it but hopefully will be done for her by her anniversary LOL.  I haven't made much progress this month because I've been focusing on school but I've made a bit. 

Last time I was only a little bit past Sea and now I've reached the halfway mark and started the next page down.  It's only a page in a half in a month which is really slow now that I'm looking at it but that's okay lol.

Last time:

This time:

Rather than doing one page on the bottom I'm just doing both pages at once.  I'm hoping this makes it go faster.  I also bought some bigger dowels and am currently in the process of sawing them in half (almost all of the way) by hand.  It's hard work but I don't have a power tool.  This will make it so I can insert the fabric in the slit and put it in my scroll rod.  I just hope it works well.  My current dowels are only 24" and my new ones will be 36" which should be big enough for any future projects I have. 

Speaking of which, I have joined a new SAL on Facebook which has 112 stitchers making the largest cross stitch ever.  We're doing an approx. 30'x20' piece of George Washington Crossing the Delaware.  I got assigned a piece which is almost all sky (except a bit on the bottom) and am thrilled.  It's going to be on 18ct Aida and will be around 220,000 stitches.  I'll update you all as I go but so far we're still waiting on our materials to be ready to ship.  It's a 5 year project so I'll definitely have a rotation.

Thanks for reading I'll see you all next time!


  1. Your stitching is looking good Heather . I heard about that George Washington cross stitch and it sounds pretty awesome. That one section itself is massive! What an exciting piece of history in the making that you get to be apart of :D

    1. I know I'm excited! It will probably take the full five years to get done but I'm aiming for 3

  2. I think your making great progress Heather. That new SAL sounds interesting.


  3. Beautiful progress, Heather! Wow, that SAL sounds really cool.

  4. That SAL sounds interesting. You're making great progress on your cousin's gift.

  5. Your piece is progressing well. I love the colours - they are so joyous.

  6. Beautiful progress!! Just love the bright colors. Wow that sounds like a crazy SAL but I'll follow along your progress and cheer you along.

  7. Wow...that's ALOT of stitching! It's fun when you can see so much progress! Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back!! I will be back to see how your new SAL is going, sounds interesting!

  8. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Your wedding piece is really growing.
    The giant SAL sounds great too! I wonder who will be lucky enough to get George Washington's face to stitch?