Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SFS May Report and Progress

Hey everyone I'm back!  I promise I didn't forget you all.  I was on a nice 2 week vacation the longest I've had in a while.  And a big welcome to my new followers!  I appreciate every one of you!

First up is SFS.  SFS is hosted by Mel from Epic Stitching and we are supposed to limit our budget to $25 a month.  Whatever we don't spend can carry over to the next month and if we blow our budget we're out until the next signups.  However if we do stitch from out stash then we can earn more money.

May Allotment: $25
Carryover: $79.75
Spent: $10.45
Total left: $94.30

I bought all of my threads and fabric for Pirate and Disney but I still had a gift card from Christmas and I didn't have many colors to buy.   In total it was about $30.  The thing I spent my money on was the Pirate Retreat pattern from HAED.  They had another sale so I went for it.  I worked on Swirling Peacock so I have a little bit earned but I'm not counting it for the challenge.  I'm also out of gift cards so any money spent from this point will be counted.  I did get $100 from my dad as a late birthday present but I'm counting it as going toward my new phone.

I did a bit of work while I was gone.  I finished my Composition II class and ended up with an 86%.  This was a very stressful class because of how it was run and I plan on writing a pretty nasty review and probably will be writing to the manager of the class who I had already e-mailed before.  I also did some stitching.  Not a lot as I was having too much fun but I took Swirling Peacock on the plane with me as Paradise was too big.

I left off here:
Wow I didn't realize how long it's been since I worked on this.  My last post on this piece was in October!  But anyway here's where I am now:
I finished one more column and started the next one.  It's hard to see but I started the moon as well which is all Kreinik and is up by the blue swirl on the top. 
So far this piece is beautiful I think.  It's so sparkly and is only going to get more so with the moon and the backstitching.  I'm going to put up a trip report next so stay tuned for that.  I'm not going day by day like I did last time but it will be pretty picture heavy.  Thanks for stopping by see you next time!


  1. Great progress Heather.


  2. First time I've seen your beautiful Swirling Peacock WIP. Colors look great and you've done a lot. Looking forward to your trip post. Nice to hear you had another wonderful vacation:)

  3. Great work, it's amazing how time disappears but time on vacation is always best.

  4. Amazing progress. Hope your holiday was lovely.

  5. The Peacock will be beautiful! I've started stitching with the Kreinik on my Lavender Fairy and it is soo much fun and soo rewarding; the overall sparkle is soo gorgeous!!

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation. Great SFS report and wonderful progress on the peacock!

  7. Aren't vacations wonderful? The peacocks beautiful. Can't wait to see more. I have a peacock chart that I haven't started yet but I look forward to all those lovely colors.

  8. o wow, that is a ton of progress on the peacocks! A two week vacation sounds fabulous, so jealous. :D

  9. The Swirling Peacock looks lovely. This should have a regular spot in your rotation!

  10. Gorgeous progress! Nice to see work on something other than Paradise. I bet you enjoyed the break.

  11. Your peacock is going to be simply amazing!