Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Stash and Stitching (and a Project finish)

Hello again and welcome to my little corner of crafting.  This will be a fairly long post and I'll have a second post up after this one so bear with me.  First off I want to post my finish.  My chair is done!  It took me about a year and was done all by hand as I wanted it to cost as little as possible I used hand tools and boy I wish I had bought a power saw.  But it turned out better than I could have hoped.  I wanted to use it as storage as well so that I could have a place for all of my crafting supplies and it has more room than I thought!  Without further ado:

Pay no mind to the lamp in the middle of the shot :)  This thing is really comfortable and big.  I only had a vague design in mind when I did it but I think the black and white looks good.  It's adjustable so it can go further back as well.  I put a lot of blood and sweat in this but no tears :)

Secondly I have some new stash.  Michaels had a coupon for Black Friday which was 40% off entire purchase which is what I used to buy the rest of the floss and fabric needed for all of the charts I have left.  Needless to say my receipt was long.

Could've been longer but I didn't buy what I wouldn't use.  I also bought some new Christmas earrings and some more fabric dye while I was there.

I spent all of last night putting it on bobbins and putting it in my floss book which is looking quite huge.

I estimate I have around 350 bobbins now.

I also have a new project I'm doing that I'm trying to have finished before Christmas as a present.  My husband's good friend loves Tinkerbell so he basically bought a kit and asked if I would stitch it for her for Christmas.  Okay asked may be a nice way of putting it lol.  It uses anchor floss and has some metallics in it as well.

The name will say Kelli but I offered to have it say Tinkerbell instead.  It's a cute pattern I think, not quite so traditional looking but it's on aida which isn't my favorite.  I almost stitched it on linen but didn't want some aida laying around that I wouldn't use.  But I've made some fair progress so far

I hope I can have it done by Christmas but we'll see.

My next post will be a tutorial on how I dye my fabric since I had some interest in my last post.  Hope to see you over there if not TTFN-Ta Ta For Now!


  1. Congratulations on finishing the chair. It looks awesome. Yay for coupons. :-)

  2. Great new start and floss stock!!

  3. Wow the chair looks really neat. Congrats on getting it finished. Love that pile of floss haha. I think only fellow stitchers would understand how beautiful that is haha. I LOVE Tinkerbell so tell your hubby he can just pick up another kit like this and send it to me haha.

    1. Lol will do. It's a pretty rare kit as it was discontinued. I had to have it sent from the U.K. got it from black sheep wools